Selection of beautiful maps #1

01/02/2019 at 9 h 54 min

I will share with you a few beautiful maps I saw in previous days on Twitter, Reddit, GIS websites or during my googling sessions…

3D elevation + 1899 USGS Grand Teton map by Scottreinhard

A mashup between an old falshion map & the modernity of a
digital elevation model… I love this rendering. Take a look at this work
here !

Algonquin Canoe Trip Map by WarrenDz

This map remind me that I spended all my free time playing at Red Dead Redemption 2…

Crown of Aragon 1209-1446  by Cyowari

When I’m not playing at RDR 2, I dedicate the rest of my time to the expansion of my norman empire in Europa Universalis 4…

Regional population structures at a glance  by Jonas Schöley

Each NUTS-3 region’s population composition is uniquely colour coded. Colours show direction and magnitude of deviations from the center point, which represents the average age-composition of European population and has a dark grey colouring. Hue component of a colour encodes the direction of deviation: towards yellow – more elderly population (65+); cyan – more people at working ages (15-64); magenta – more kids (0-14). Chroma and lightness components signify the distance from the center ranging from desaturated and dark colours near the center to vivid and bright colours at the corners. The smaller schematic ternary plot at the bottom of the legend explains how to interpret the six different regions in the ternary colour key “

A topographical map of Lake Michigan made out of wood by FldNtrlst

Minimalist map of South Georgia island by Joshua Stevens

The Colorado Trail by Eric Janota

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